NJCLD 2023 Summer Symposium

NJCLD Summer Symposium: Accelerating Instruction to Meet the Needs of Students: Learning Recovery in Reading

This symposium will focus on evidence-based strategies that can be used to support students who experience difficulty with reading. This is especially important in light of recent NAEP scores which show the number of students who struggle with reading continues to increase. As part of this symposium, the presenter will review high-impact practices that will benefit all students, including those with Learning Disabilities. Dr. Lane has vast knowledge on the evidence base of reading interventions and will provide tools that can be immediately applied to your learning environment.



 NJCLD 2023 Summer Symposium Hosted on Zoom


TUESDAY,  JUNE 20TH 2023 – 3:00PM to 5:30PM EDT

Dr. Holly Lane

Dr. Holly Lane is the Irving and Rose Fien Professor of Education at the University of Florida and Director of the University of Florida Literacy Institute (UFLI). Her research focuses on the prevention of reading difficulties through effective early literacy instruction, the remediation of literacy skills for students with dyslexia, and methods for helping preservice and practicing teachers develop the knowledge and skills they need to be effective reading teachers and interventionists.

You won’t want to miss this…

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