NJCLD Fall 2020 Symposium

What is the connection between early speech and language skills and literacy? Research has identified the predictors on whether a preschool child will struggle to develop the foundational skills of literacy. 

Learn about these predictors, how practitioners and early education professionals can provide intensive and early interventions that will improve student outcomes, and how educators can advocate for an integrated approach to speech, language and literacy. 

Download the PowerPoint Slides

Check out these additional resources:

General information about communication disorders – https://identifythesigns.org/resources/

Definitions of types of interprofessional collaboration – https://www.asha.org/practice-portal/clinical-topics/intellectual-disability/collaboration- and-teaming/

For an overview of IDEA and ESSA – www.ASHA.org/advocacy

Atlanta Speech School Resources – https://njcld.org/wp-content/uploads/2020/09/cox-campus-links.pdf


  • I just attended the webinar and wondered where the resources might be available? In the chat it said to go to this page…I would like to share with others in my program.

  • The resources should be up by the end of next week! Thank you for your participation and interest!

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